Paradise Village New Mexico

Enjoy the ultimate a/v experience throughout your home or commercial building. Fill one room or every room with stunning hi-res background music or stunning hd video. With a single remote control unit all of your content can be activated and controlled seamlessly with the touch of a button. Play a movie in your main room while listening to your faborite streaming app in another room or all other rooms simultaneously. All equipment can be tucked away in a closet and controlled easily from one remote, ipad or phone.

Even if your home or commercial building isn’t pre-wired for video and sound, the knowledgeable staff at paradise village can help. Some structures do not necessarily lend themselves to being retrofitted with the proper wire to facilitate multi-room audio and video. With today’s wi-fi enabled devices you can still enjoy music in every room without the expense of running wire. Sonos, heos and paradise village can create a system to fit your needs and allow music streaming in every room at an affordable price.